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The TLEX Online Library is a searchable collection of legal materials related to American Indian tribal justice systems. The library contains tribal case law, constitutions, and codes, and charters, as well as federal and state statues and case law affecting individual indians and tribal governments. To begin browsing the TLEX, click here.

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Submission of legal documents by American Indian tribal justice systems is critical for the success of this resource. If you have resources to contribute, register today to become a contributing member of the TLEX Community. The TLEX asserts no property interest, claims no copyright, and seeks no profit from the research materials available on this website.

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The TLEX includes a comprehensive bibliography of law journal articles discussing matters of American Indian and tribal law. More...


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TLEX Article Index

A collection of scholarly articles related to tribal law.

Colville Court of Appeals Reporter Volumes 1-9

Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement Handbook